DKC: Dream Hollywood Hotel

This fall I had the amazing opportunity to create some images for Dream Hollywood Hotel on behalf of DKC LA .  This was probably one of the most exciting opportunities I have had in a long time and a chance to photograph the "Guest House" of one of the most trendy new hotels in Hollywood. 

The assignment was two-fold, to photograph the interiors for the Guest House, and also to create some exterior images of the hotel for their website and promotional purposes. Both had their challenges. The Guest House was large and spacious and required some re-staging of the furniture and details in order to bring some simplicity, flow, and continuity to the space. After some tweaks the space really came together nicely and really shinned.

The master bath was a huge challenge on this shoot. A deceptively simple space had glass walls on all sides plus window views which created a lot reflections. It took every photography trick I knew to capture this space while controlling these reflections and still light the space effectively.  The final results made the efforts all worth it in the end and I'm so happy with how they turned out.

Overall the Guest House was a blast to photograph and a space I would LOVE to stay in if I ever get the chance.  Wouldn't you?

The exteriors images were also super fun to photograph. I particularly loved featuring the side alleyway of the hotel. It was such a unique space and really fun to photograph. If you ever get a chance to visit the hotel around 8pm on a Friday it is "the place to be" with tons of people and energy. 

This truly was a dream project for me and one I'm very proud of!