Sheila Kuehl Family Wellness Center

This was probably one of the funniest projects I have photographed this year. Not only because the space was beautifully designed and executed but also because this building serves a purpose that I believe in. The Sheila Kuehi Family Wellness Center helps to serve the mental health needs of children and families that need mental health services. It feels wonderful as a photographer to help provide imagery to help support the mental health needs of these kids. Mental health is an important issue and one that we need to provide more services for. I’m proud that I can help in a small way to support that.

From an architecture stand point this building is a “LEED Gold facility” constructed with the highest standard of environmental and efficiency standards. With the use of special sky lights, cool colored asphalt, and other energy saving techniques the building is truly something special and will be a great asset to the community and county it serves.

More about the project from the Abbott Construction website : HERE