Arcadia Mental Health Clinic

Arcadia Mental Health Center

I had the amazing pleasure of shooting another finished project for Abbott Construction back in early October of the Arcadia Mental Health Center, in Arcadia CA.  This was a beautiful project with a great exterior, and a beautiful lobby featuring a butterfly chandelier art installation by artist Merle Axelrad

The cool part about creating images for this project is that you actually get to support their mission by providing images that support their marketing efforts.  I can't think of anything more rewarding then supporting mental health services in the LA area.   Centers like this provide counselling, and group therapy services for all types of individuals dealing with alcoholism, drug additions, and other such issues.  Pretty awesome.

This shoot as always had it's challenges.  This was a full day shoot featuring daylight exteriors, interiors of the various work spaces, and my favourite "blue hour" exterior photos.  I'm pretty stoked with how these turned out. I'm especially fond of the daylight exteriors which I think shows off the space really well.

Check out some of the images below that I created for this project.

Before and After:

Check out the before and after image from one of the daylight exteriors to see how post processing can really take a photo like this to the next level

AMH Before AMH After