Cornerstone Construction

George Abraham is a contractor/owner of Cornerstone Construction in Los Angeles and he does amazing remodels of homes in the LA area. He asked me to create some images showcasing some of the remodel work he has done in his home to be able to show future clients.

Above: One of the most amazing features in George's home is an unbelievable 1000 gallon salt-water reef fish tank that he designed and installed in his house.  Its one of those eye catching features that you just can't help but walk over and look at for hours. It truly is magnificent!

Above: Who needs to watch tv when the fish tank can be viewed from either side wall making it a beautiful focal point to the common areas of the home.

Above: Beautiful Kitchen Design

Above: He also just recently finish a remodel of his backyard which includes a top of the line outdoor grill, and fire pit that is to die for.

George is just an amazingly talented contractor/artist and is a joy to work with. If you ever have a need for home remodeling in the LA area, Cornerstone Construction is the only choice!