Abbott Construction - Centinela Hospital

I had the wonderful pleasure of shooting on behalf of J. R. Abbott Construction and Centinela Hospital Medical Center this week. It was a full day shoot with many projects to capture in various locations around the medical center.

My work included the building exterior, interiors of a new laboratory, a power and emergency generator facility, and some in-progress construction reference of earthquake retrofitting being done to the outside of the building.

Because Centinela Hospital was built in 1924, before modern earthquake standards were established, the original building was not constructed in such a way that it could withstand a large earthquake.   Abbott was tasked with retrofitting the hospital to make it earthquake compliant. This was a huge project and they are extremely proud of the work they have done to make the hospital safer for the patients and the people that work there. I'm happy to say that this hospital is now ready to withstand anything a CA earthquake can throw at it.  I was very honored to be asked to capture their amazing work.

First on the shot list was a quick exterior of the hospital! This was a great way to start off a full day of shooting and I was able to capture this just as the sun was coming up.  Not a bad way to start out the day.

Next on the list was to capture the interior of a new laboratory that Abbott built inside the hospital.  What a beautiful lab! If I was a lab tech, I would be so stoked to get to work in this brand new facility. My only regret was not getting to see it with all the beakers and liquids all setup. I can only imagine how cool the space will be once the lab techs move in. What a great space.

Next up was the generator facility. This building might not look like much but this new facility is a huge upgrade and really will help the hospital keep running in case of an emergency or a power outage.  In a lot of way these industrial spaces really have some great charm to them, and I always love capturing them.

The last step of the shoot was to capture some images of the earthquake retrofit.  These are all in-progress images for Abbott to have for their records.

Overall this was an amazing day of shooting. I was really blessed to be able to work with such an amazingly talented group of people.  Their work is really amazing and I'm so happy to be able to capture it.