Cornerstone Construction - Remodel

George from Cornerstone Construction contacted me again to shoot a recent remodel project he just completed. This was an interior remodel of a home, including the kitchen, living spaces, and both bathrooms.  I was excited to have the opportunity to create some images featuring Cornerstone's amazing work.

This shoot was not without its challenges.  Balancing the natural ambient light with the artificial light was tricky. Not to mention balancing the exposure of the windows to retain good detail.  Also I did quite a bit of accent lighting using small flashes to bring out certain details. Check out my before and after example below to see what I started with and what the final resulting image was.

Before and After

before after

Move the sliders left and right to see the before and after

Overall I'm really happy with how this shoot turned out. These images will be a huge asset for Cornerstone Construction and their marketing efforts. It is so wonderful to be a part of supporting their amazing work.