Sheila Kuehl Family Wellness Center

This was probably one of the funniest projects I have photographed this year. Not only because the space was beautifully designed and executed but also because this building serves a purpose that I believe in. The Sheila Kuehi Family Wellness Center helps to serve the mental health needs of children and families that need mental health services. It feels wonderful as a photographer to help provide imagery to help support the mental health needs of these kids. Mental health is an important issue and one that we need to provide more services for. I’m proud that I can help in a small way to support that.

From an architecture stand point this building is a “LEED Gold facility” constructed with the highest standard of environmental and efficiency standards. With the use of special sky lights, cool colored asphalt, and other energy saving techniques the building is truly something special and will be a great asset to the community and county it serves.

More about the project from the Abbott Construction website : HERE

Olive View Medical Center - Generator Facility

As an architecture photographer some of the most satisfying challenges are making even something like a generator facility look beautiful. I actually love shooting projects like this. Maybe it is because I spent years watching “How it’s made” on the Discovery Channel and I am fascinated by industrial equipment. Not sure why, but I sure love it.

Way to go Abbott Construction on completing such an awesome generator facility for Olive View Medical Center.

Erewhon Market - Santa Monica

Erewhon market is a gluten free lover’s dream! Having been gluten free for about 20 years I can honestly say that getting to photograph this paradise was rather fun. I really love the fun outdoor seating and accent lighting. Not to mention the cute cafe/coffee bar inside. The design of this store was top notch and the execution of Abbott Construction was nothing short of exceptional.

If you happen to be in the Santa Monica Ca, definitively stop by and check out Erewhon Market.

Cornerstone Construction: Ignited Spaces, Hollywood CA

Imagine that you need an office space but you can't really afford to pay the rent for a space all on your own. Not to mention there is also a power bill, water, internet, maybe even parking to cover.  What if you just need a cool place to have a meeting but the thought of meeting at the local Starbucks one more time just seems so unprofessional. What if you work alone but you miss being around coworkers and the energy of having people around excites you? Well I have a place you need to check out!

It is called Ignited Spaces! It is located in Hollywood California and is the perfect solution for anyone looking to have some office space without having to cover all the cost on their own. This is a communal office working environment.  All you do is pay a very reasonable monthly fee and you have access to everything a high-end office space has to offer. Conference rooms, kitchen, lobby, internet, copy machines, espresso machine and more.  Amazing!  I have to admit that while I was there photographing I did try out the espresso machine and it was heavenly! I'm sold! Not to mention the view from the top floor of this building looks directly at the Hollywood sign as well as downtown LA.  Enough said!

The crew at Cornerstone Construction did an amazing job remodeling this space and once again I feel so blessed that I was able to capture it.  Cornerstone continues to up their game with each project with this one is even more amazing then the last. Way to go Cornerstone Construction

Checkout the amazing space in the gallery below. 

Cornerstone Construction: Production Company Build

Another fun project from Cornerstone Construction. Every project they complete they are upping their game with quality and scope and this one was no exception. This beautiful modern rustic design was completed for a production company in the Burbank CA area.  I just love the feel of this place. The combination of the polished concrete, warm colored wood, and grey walls just really wakes this project unique. Not to mention the size of this place is huge. It is hard to believe that this was an empty warehouse only a few months ago. It really turned out nicely. 

I always feel so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph these projects. Such a blast.  

DKC: Dream Hollywood Hotel

This fall I had the amazing opportunity to create some images for Dream Hollywood Hotel on behalf of DKC LA .  This was probably one of the most exciting opportunities I have had in a long time and a chance to photograph the "Guest House" of one of the most trendy new hotels in Hollywood. 

The assignment was two-fold, to photograph the interiors for the Guest House, and also to create some exterior images of the hotel for their website and promotional purposes. Both had their challenges. The Guest House was large and spacious and required some re-staging of the furniture and details in order to bring some simplicity, flow, and continuity to the space. After some tweaks the space really came together nicely and really shinned.

The master bath was a huge challenge on this shoot. A deceptively simple space had glass walls on all sides plus window views which created a lot reflections. It took every photography trick I knew to capture this space while controlling these reflections and still light the space effectively.  The final results made the efforts all worth it in the end and I'm so happy with how they turned out.

Overall the Guest House was a blast to photograph and a space I would LOVE to stay in if I ever get the chance.  Wouldn't you?

The exteriors images were also super fun to photograph. I particularly loved featuring the side alleyway of the hotel. It was such a unique space and really fun to photograph. If you ever get a chance to visit the hotel around 8pm on a Friday it is "the place to be" with tons of people and energy. 

This truly was a dream project for me and one I'm very proud of!

Cornerstone Construction: Glendale Escrow


Another fun commercial project I photographed for Cornerstone Construction. This time it was for our friends at Glendale Escrow. This was a new work space that Cornerstone built for the company and I really loved how this project turned out. The gray, white, and blue really give this space a nice look and feel.  It was such a privledge to be able to photograph it.

Commercial Office Space: Abbott Construction

Abbott Construction's New Office Space

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the new office of Abbott Construction, a few weeks ago. They needed some images of their new office space for a brochure to announce their new location to clients for an open house.  Normally Abbott has me out photographing their finished projects, like elegant emergency rooms, or beautiful medical facilities, but this was a chance to photograph the business itself in its element. It was wonderful to get to hang out in person and get to know the company and its employees in a more intimate way. There is nothing better than personal, one on one, relationships with your clients and this made the photo shoot particularly enjoyable. 

Also, it was super fun to incorporate the staff into a lot of my photographs. It added that human touch to the photos that I think really makes the architecture photography more special.

Check out more photo's from the shoot below!

Commercial Space: Escrow Trust Advisors


Another wonderful shoot complete for Cornerstone Construction on behalf of Escrow Trust Advisors. This space was super fun to shoot and I really love the color scheme that they choose. I think the space really came together and has a great feel to it. 

Abbott Construction: Laurel Street Remodel

Here is another amazing project completed by JR Abbott Construction that I had the pleasure of photographing. The goal of this project was to remodel the Laurel Street entrance and make it more inviting and beautiful for people to enter the hospital as well as to install a new security gate system to better control traffic entering the parking area.  The remodel turned out beautifully and I really love the benches and landscaping as part of the median. Also, lets be honest, you can't beat a well placed flag pole with a beautiful American flag waving in the wind.  It really completed the project. 

Exterior Photoshop Edit Video!

This is a typical photoshop edit of one of my exterior photos for a client. What you see is a horizontal panorama of multiple images that are blended together using several exposures. Sky replacement and cleanup of the images creates the final look.

I hope you enjoy this little behind the scenes look at how I achieve the final look in a photo.

Cornerstone Construction House

Another amazing project to photograph for Cornerstone Construction.  This home remodel turned out amazing and I was so blessed to be able to photograph it.  The open floor plan was to die for, and I love all the cool grays, blues, and light wood accents. This project really turned out amazing. 

Check out the amazing backyard as well complete with a pizza oven and fire pit. There will be a lot of amazing outdoor parties around this pool I'm sure. 

Published in June issue of LAM - Landscape Architecture Magazine

My image in the Pershing Square article in June Landscape Architecture Magazine

I am so blessed to be published in the June issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine as part of a featured article about the re-design of Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles. The article is really well done spanning several pages featuring extensive history about Pershing Square and how they plan to improve the space. Huge thumbs up to the Writer Nate Berg, and the Art Director Chris McGee on such an awesome article.  Thanks for letting me partner with you by providing an imagery. 

If you have a chance, go check out the article.  In fact, check out the entire magazine, it is full of beautiful and creative projects that will inspire you.  

Cover of June issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine

My image in the Pershing Square article in June Landscape Architecture Magazine

Glenoaks Escrow

Glenoaks Escrow

I had the chance to shoot a commercial space recently for Cornerstone Construction. They completed the build out for Glenoaks Escrow which really turned out beautifully. I particularly love the lobby. 

Access Networks - Cornerstone Construction

I had the awesome pleasure of shooting a project for Cornerstone Construction recently. They had just completed a commercial build out for a company called Access Networks. I guess they are a company that does a lot of high-end smart home technology systems. Pretty awesome to get to hangout with him since I am a huge fan of smart home technology. My geekyness was well.....geeking out. 

The shoot itself was really interesting. We mainly focused on capturing the lobby area which was really the focal point of the space. I love the hanging pedestal lights around the couches. So cool! You can check out more the images below. 


Some of my Photography Featured in Abbott Construction Lobby

Jr Abbott Lobby - FYI Not all the photo's featured are my work.

I got an email from my client/friend Melissa over at Abbott construction saying they got some canvas prints done for their lobby and I should check out this picture. I was over the moon to see some of my work (Not every photos is mine) featured as part of this collection, Including the picture on the right! How cool is that? Man, there is nothing like knowing your clients are happy with your work.  So awesome! Thanks so much Melissa for sending me this picture! So cool! So happy to be part of the team!




Arcadia Mental Health Clinic

Arcadia Mental Health Center

I had the amazing pleasure of shooting another finished project for Abbott Construction back in early October of the Arcadia Mental Health Center, in Arcadia CA.  This was a beautiful project with a great exterior, and a beautiful lobby featuring a butterfly chandelier art installation by artist Merle Axelrad

The cool part about creating images for this project is that you actually get to support their mission by providing images that support their marketing efforts.  I can't think of anything more rewarding then supporting mental health services in the LA area.   Centers like this provide counselling, and group therapy services for all types of individuals dealing with alcoholism, drug additions, and other such issues.  Pretty awesome.

This shoot as always had it's challenges.  This was a full day shoot featuring daylight exteriors, interiors of the various work spaces, and my favourite "blue hour" exterior photos.  I'm pretty stoked with how these turned out. I'm especially fond of the daylight exteriors which I think shows off the space really well.

Check out some of the images below that I created for this project.

Before and After:

Check out the before and after image from one of the daylight exteriors to see how post processing can really take a photo like this to the next level

AMH Before AMH After

Happy 2016!!!!!! Time to get to work!

Petersen Auto Museum

Hopefully all of you have spent sometime reflecting on the last year and have put some thought into what your goals are for 2016.  This is the moment where we start to take that first step and look to the future.   The true secret to accomplishing any goal is to first know where you want to go, and start taking little steps to get there everyday. That is it. Something so simple but yet so hard to do at times.

As we "go for it" in 2016 here some helpful tips that help get all of us where we want to go.

1. Try and do *one thing* related to your goal everyday!  Weather that is watching a tutorial on the subject, working on photo processing, doing some location scouting, making that cold call to potential clients to find new business,  reaching out to someone you respect for help that guide you, or even spending some time thinking about what to do next.  Do "something" everyday. 

2. Understand achieving your goal is going to be a slow process. Success doesn't come over night. It happens by deliberate steps that add up over time.

3. If you have a bad day or experience struggle, understand that is part of it.  Every goal worth pursuing is going to involve struggle. It's the people that don't understand this that give up and never accomplish their dreams.  Try and accept that it is going to be hard but so worth it.

4.  Take a minute and try and enjoy what your learning or where the journey is taking you.  As you walk down the path you may be surprised by where it takes you so try and enjoy it rather then stressing about getting to where your going.

5.  It is ok to change your mind, adjust your goals, and start again.   As you pursue something you may find out that you actually don't enjoy it as much as you thought, or discover something else along the way that feels better to you.  It is ok to adjust as you go.  The point is that your going somewhere, and that is more important then the destination.

All right lets make 2016 the best year yet!  Let's get to work!!!!

San Fernando High School Teen Center

SF Teen Center Before SF Teen Center After

Before and after post processing example above.

Another exciting architecture project completed. This one for San Fernando High School Teen Center. This is a really cool pilot project where they are providing health care services on the campus of the San Fernando High School for students who wouldn't have access other wise. What an amazing way to help the community have access to health care.  You can find out more info here.  News Article

This project had its challenges. As you can see from the before and after example above, there was a lot of photoshop work needed to remove a lot of unwanted objects.  Speaking of unwanted objects, I would have loved for the fence to not block such a cool looking building but sometimes there is nothing you can do and just have to work around it.  In the end I really liked how the image turned out even with the fence. 

The other big challenge was the size of the main lobby.  Most of the images of the lobby were achieved by stitching together multiple images in photoshop into mini panoramas. This made for some complicated editing to retain details in the windows but worked out well to capture such a large space. What a cool waiting room right?

I really enjoyed shooting this project and supporting such a great cause. It is nice to know the images will be used to promote the health care services at the high school for those that really need it!

Check out more images from the project below!