Previz Artist by day, Photographer by night, I spend my days working on Animated films at Dreamworks Feature Animation as a digital cinematographer. My film credits include, How to Train your Dragon, Puss n Boots, Rise of the Guardians, Turbo, and Home (Coming Soon)

At night, I grab my camera and head to downtown Los Angeles to do one of my favorite things in the world, Night Photography!

Professional Services:

  1. Architecture Photography - Interior and Exterior
  2. Travel Photography - Cityscapes and Tourism
  3. Photography Mentoring
  4. Cinematography - Previz and Live Action (upon request)

My Photo Back Story:

My life in photography started back in 2008 when I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D80. My hope was to learn more about animation cinematography by practicing composition, learn more about focal lengths,  and experiment with depth of field.  Little did I know that what started out as fun experimentation would turn into a true passion and something I would pursue with blissful glee and excitement for the past 6+ years.

It is funny how the pursuit of one thing can often lead you to another. Photography has been that for me.  It has brought so many wonderful things into my life and continues to be a huge source of joy and fulfillment.  I have traveled more, seen wonders, and felt more deeply while holding a camera in my hands. There is truly no greater thing, then being in front of God's marvelous creation, or being overwhelmed by beautiful architecture, while getting to capture it with my camera.

Fun Random Facts about Josh:

  1. I'm actually a Triplet! I have an identical brother and fraternal sister.
  2. I come from a blended family of 9 kids, and the triplets are the youngest of nine.
  3. I'm married to a gorgeous woman named Jennifer and have a son named Patrick.
  4. First professional camera I ever used was an original Nikon Nikkormat film camera that my father bought in Japan when he visited back in his 20s. He still has it to this day and it takes amazing pictures. I still love that camera
  5. I love to surf, snowboard, and be outdoors.
  6. Subaru's are the best car's on the planet and I love them. I have owned 2 so far.
  7. Starbucks is my happy place..... Truthfully any place that serves amazing coffee I love.  I'm still dreaming about the amazing cafes in Paris.